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[TRANS | TWITTER] 131102 Yun’s Update

미료누나 생일축하드립니다 만수무강하세요 ♥

Happy birthday Miryo noona. May you live a long life ♥

Have a nice day ^^ ~ Today is Raining ..ㅠㅠ

~translated by MYLUNAFLY

[TRANS | TWITTER] 131102 Teo’s Update

오늘은 미료누낫님의생신입니다!! 축하드립니다 누나 앞으로도 행복한나날들과 휘향찬란한미래가 기다리고있을거에요! 늘 행복하시며 좋은하루보내세요!!

It’s Miryo noona’s birthday today!! Happy birthday noona, hope you’ll have a happy and brilliant future! Always be happy and have a good day!!

~translated by MYLUNAFLY

[TRANS | TWITTER] 131029 Teo’s Update


왜이리 졸려보이는걸까…

why do i look so sleepy….

~translated by @lukieworldwide

[TRANS | TWITTER] 131028 Teo’s Updates

루나플라이슛 ㄱ

LUNAFLY Shoot go

나의 팬들아 오빠는 너희들의 모든메세지를 다읽는단다 걱정하지말구 오빠도 사랑한단다얘들아~ 모두 하루를 빠이팅해보자꾸나 To my fans I read all my messages Don’t worry i love u too Have a niceday

To all my beloved fans i have read all the messages from you all dont worry and i love you all~!! everyone hwaiting~!!!

저보다 나이많으셔도 오늘만큼은 내가오빳

Even though there are fans who are older than me i`m oppa for today!

~translated by @lukieworldwide

[TWITTER] 131028 Yun’s Update

LUNAFLY SHOOT !!! ^3^ GO GO ~~ ♥3♥

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